Mass Mouldless 3D Manufacturing

Production manufacturing through our high-volume 3D factory. We enable clients to manufacture products in large quantities with short lead times and without having to incur the high cost of tooling.

Mouldless Mass Manufacturing

Our Mass Manufacturing 3D Farm enables us to produce thousands of parts per week. To do this you only need a digital design of your product and we can produce it at almost any scale, making our mouldless manufacturing one of the most cost-effective and time-effective options for manufacturing.

Prototyping & CAD design services

We can help brng your product idea to life. Advanced computer-aided design (CAD) of mechanical assemblies or components including conceptualization of new components, all types of drafting for workshops, machine files etc, we also do reverse engineering of certain assemblies and components for re-manufacturing allowing the client to receive a comprehensive manufacturing pack.

Advanced Manufacturing

Beyond advanced CAD, we offer the most cutting edge manufacturing solutions to our clients through our third-party network. The solutions include exotic materials and additive manufacturing processes, material testing, CNC machining (incl Laser Cutting) or sourcing of standardized components.

Engineering Drawing Services

The intricate and most important role of mechanical design in solving open-ended problems of the engineering industry and is certainly not to be taken lightly. We understand the responsibility to produce high quality, easily accessible mechanical designs on time, that would not only solve a problem but also integrate well with the various role players in such projects.

Professional Engineering Services

Some projects require certain specifications, such as public safety, or compliance. Our professional engineers within the company and within our network, stand at the ready to assist with professional consulting and project management.

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Recent Projects

Solvit_Chess set_3D printed

Custom Chess Set

Three custom chess sets manufactured for a Chess tournament. Chess pieces printed in pink, grey and black.

Solvit_educational shapes_3Dprinted

3D Educational Shapes

13 000 Educational shapes printed in 23 different shapes and 8 different colours.

Solvit_Polyhedral dice_3dprinted

Polyhedral Dice

3500 3D Printed Polyhedral dice in various colours for use in educational projects.


Prototype: Dog Bowl

Prototype printed from flexible TPU for a client in the final stages of product development.

Why use our Mass Manufacturing 3D Farm?

1. Smaller initial investment

The only thing you need is a digital file of your part for it to be printed. If you  don’t have that, we can create that for you. Apart from the design, the initial cost for producing your product is significantly less than other types of manufacturing.


2. Massive scale opportunity for your product

Enjoy flexibility when it comes to the scale and volume of your product or part.

3. More efficient lead times

Our 3D manufacturing farm can produce more than 10 000 parts per week, making it a very competitive manufacturing option.

4. Affordable prototyping before mass production

Straighten all the kinks in the design and optimize your design for mass manufacturing at more affordable prices.

Why consider our Mass 3D Manufacturing service?

1-2 day quote
Variety of materials available
Shorter lead times
Flexible scale and volme

About Us

Apart from offering Professional Engineering services, CAD design services and Engineering Drawing Services, we are also involved in the 3D Printing industry. Before we tell you more about us, we first need to establish where we came from.

We were established in 2014 out of an industry need for timely engineering solutions, especially for manufacturing companies. People have been at the core of Solvit Engineering Solutions. That is the golden thread of all our services. We do consulting services for people, with people in mind. Many challenge situations started with someone asking “what if we can do it like this…” or “why” and this is exactly the type of questions we love to answer with practical, professionally engineered and designed answers. We think outside the box to create and engineer the best possible solution for each individual client.


Today Solvit Engineering Solutions has developed into an innovative mouldless mass manufacturing 3D farm and consultancy engineering firm that follows a solution-driven work ethic. We specialize in advanced CAD solutions as well as mechanical engineering application solutions such as reverse engineering, materials testing and simulation. We solve engineering, manufacturing and design problems, no matter how big or small. We live to #solvit.

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What our clients say

Metal Heart

Ian delivers professional and well thought through products. From conceptual design, prototypes and final products. He has done various design projects ranging from CAD design and CFD analysis. Ian’s expertise in product applications ranges from industrial applications, consumer products to medical devices.

Gerrie Lombaard ~

HC Hansen Leather

I worked with Ian/Solvit Engineering, to print a 3D Logo for our leather business HC Hansen Leather goods. I use the 3D logo to press the logo into our products using wet forming. I was very satisfied with their quick work on short notice, producing a great product for me to work with.

~ Heinke Hansen ~

IceCold Bodies

Solvit engineering has helped us immensely in the last few months to solve the challenges we had with a custom project we had to do in a short period of time. We would never have been able to come up with the ideas they had. It was like we had some new brains in the company. Although they were not part of our staff they blended in well with our way of working and the manufacturing staff. Because of their friendly demeanour, they were well accepted. We will definitely make use of their devices again.

Andrew Du Toit ~

Matlacon Steel Construction

I have worked with Ian many times and not once could he not deliver even the toughest request. The times we had challenges he took it on the nose and re-worked the problem until we had a solution. I have great respect when someone can own up to a challenge or error and fix it. After all, it only remains a problem until you fix it, then it’s reduced to a distant memory.

~ Selwyn Stokes ~

Africars For Keeps Toys

Ons het Solvit sowat 5 jaar gelede begin gebruik. Ons moes ons speelgoed reeks aanpas en ‘n meer moderne aansig of ‘look’ gee. Vir ons was dit n nuwe uitdaging. Ian van Solvit het ons bygestaan om dit moontlik te maak. Vandag het ons ‘n lazer afdeling en vra nogsteeds gereeld raad. Baie dankie vir die pad wat ons stap.

~ Floors Human ~

Dunamis Betonwerke & Vrystaat Krippe

Ian van Zyl van Solvit Engineering het al verskeie projekte suksesvol vir Dunamis Betonwerke & Vrystaat Krippe ontwerp. Ian se werk is uitnemend en dit is ‘n plesier om saam met hom te werk. Ian is nie net ‘n ontwerper/ tekenaar/ ingenieur nie hy verstaan met begrip wat ek as kliënt wil hê en kom baie keer met verbeterde idees vorendag.

Paul Fouché ~


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