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We solve problems.

We know the engineering industry is fast-paced. This calls for fast, innovative solutions. Solvit Engineering specializes in designing or obtaining mechanical engineering solutions. We offer a full circle solution offering, which means if we can’t help you, we’ll surely try to find someone who can!

MECHANICAL engineering design

With a focus on the bigger problem

The intricate and most important role of mechanical design in solving open-ended problems of the engineering industry is certainly not to be taken lightly. Solving engineering problems with innovative and groundbreaking design is the foundation Solvit Engineering Solutions is built on, but also the backbone that keeps us moving forward. 

 As a professional engineer, Solvit Engineering understands the obligation that rests on mechanical engineers to produce high quality, easily accessible mechanical designs on time, that would not only solve a problem but also integrate well with the various role players in such projects. Our pride is exactly this – producing mechanical engineering designs and solutions, in cooperation with other important role players to improve our society and industry.


How We Work

Contact Us

Tell us about your project or problem.
You can reach us by either of the following ways:
072 158 5623

We try to help

After obtaining the necessary information, we’ll schedule a face-to-face or digital meeting to confirm all the details and discuss further steps. 

Ready, Set, Go!

In the agreed upon time frame, we’ll do the site visits, designing, 3D printing or whatever else we need to do to complete the job.

Acceptance and Invoice

After each project, we do an acceptance procedure, which helps us to ensure that the project includes all the needed elements of the customer. Thereafter, an invoice will be issued. No projects will be released without full payment.

Product Delivery

All 3D Printed products can be shipped anywhere in SA. Design products will usually be delivered via email.

Problem Solved .. or not?

Should the initial design as requested by the customer not provide a complete solution, please let us know. We love solving problems!